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QiSQi, a solid partner in identification programs.


QiSQi, has an extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing customized national ID systems.


QiSQi is not bound to specific products and can implement turnkey solutions tailored to meet the needs.


QiSQi builds complete population registry databases for a country’s citizens. This process includes creating registration forms, collecting the information from citizens and capturing the information either by means of mobile enrolment stations or from the completed forms.

This database will hold all the information a country requires of citizens, including a digital citizen’s photo and fingerprint, for future secure identification.

Accurate, durable and customized (based on the country’s specific requirements) national ID cards are produced for each citizen.





With over 10 years experience in biometrics and 25 years in Secure Documents, QiSQi has a significant place as integrator and solution provider.


Our experience will gain time and errors for everyone who is looking to step in this fascinating world. It brought us to new concepts and technology which we have recently patented.


We keep our finger on the beating heart of biometrics and our eyes on secure documents!


Welcome to the fascinating world of Biometrics and Secure Documents!



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