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a high speed AFIS server solution

Connects external fingerprint databases to deliver services as deduplication, real time identification or projects as civil ID, elections, pensions.


ATHLIS controls QES, the civil ID registration application and CIAS, the forensic application.


ATHLIS as major platform runs independent with her different applications, like citizen registration, fingerprint decapsulation, access control or secure document printing.

Thanks to this scalable concept, ATHLIS can be immediately active or deployed in any circumstances.




Fingerprint technology, based on Minutiae.

Maintains an identification matching speed within 1 second whatever size of database.

Highly scalable.

Fingerprint identification runs on standard computers.

ATHLIS connects to external applications through LAN, VPN, Web.

Secure Environment.

Interoperable: Supports ANSI and ISO biometric standards.

Sensor independant

Obtained the precious MINEX certificate

Fingerprint identification

Fingerprint deduplication

Generates ISO ANSI templates

Face Recognition


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