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QES is part of the ATHLIS family.

QES registers citizens with an ease as such every person can use the application.

QES integrates a single fingerprint scanner or slapscanner, digital signpad, documentscanner, webcamera or any requested registration device. Only unique fingers can be enrolled on the local enrollment unit. QES is connected in the network of ATHLIS, the AFIS of QiSQi.

Specifications QES Software

Integrates fingerprint scanner - document scanner - digital camera - digital signpad - printer.

Prints ID cards - voterscard - workers'permit

Runs locally AFIS.

Local deduplication on laptop with matching speed up to 1,5 mio /sec.

2D barcode software integrated.

Compliant with international standards.

Specifications QES Mobile.
a rugged suitcase for extreme conditions, can be powered by solar cell or generator.

Includes fingerprint scanner(s), camera, industrial board or laptop, inktjet printer, digital signpad, 2D barcode reader, external memory, back up battery.

The industrial board is completely fanless and can be used in extreme conditions


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